How to Do Your Hair – Sectioning

Sectioning hair is not rocket science . . . and when you apply it to your hair styling routine, it will save your hair from unnecessary damage, result in a better hairstyle and actually quicken the process of getting out the door . . . what could be better than that?  Think of it this way, when sectioning hair is not done before styling, you’ve got problems with every step of styling from there on out.

Sectioning hair is an essential skill professional’s use regularly for hair coloring, perm application, blow drying, straightening and when curling long hair.  Here are some how-to’s that professional hairdressers use to pull it off properly.

Before blow drying, straightening or curling, divide hair into sections and clip them out-of-the-way. Here are the easiest steps for sectioning hair that I’ve used for years. Thanks to Conair for the explanatory video!

How to section hair into 5 easy to manage panels.

  1. Section hair on top – comb straight back and take a 3 inch wide section from forehead to crown and clip.
  2. Section hair on sides – take a vertical section from hairline to behind the ear on each side and clip.
  3. Section hair on back – split hair vertically down the middle and clip each side.

Begin at the back or sides by dropping down approximately a two inch section of hair at a time to style. Take pieces about the width of your brush, curling iron or flat iron, this will keep it manageable and you will blow dry, curl, or straighten a section of hair only once.  Also you won’t miss styling any parts of your hair by following this method.


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